Tldr: In the last few weeks I had the luck of contributing to the open source project Qu. Here I will describe what is Qu, its aim, how it is evolving and also my [small] contribution in optimizing the deep learning models that are embedded into the program.

What is Qu?

Graphic user interface of Qu with image and masks for cell segmentation. SOurce: Aaron Ponti’s qu github repository

Qu is a program developed by Aaron Ponti from the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering of the ETHZ , and aims at supporting life science researchers in exploring, annotating and processing medical images taken with fluorescence and transmitted-light microscopy resulting from lab experiments.

Matteo Jucker Riva, Namrata Gurung, Jonas Henrikkson, Oded Winberger, Markus Giger, Barry Sunderland, Leticia Fernandez Moguel


In March 2021 I came across the announcement of the climate hackathon 2021 organised by stratiteq and sponsored by Microsoft. In a few days a courageous team of data scientist & full-stack developers joined forces to tackle the challenge proposed by Cool Farm alliance:

Cool Farm Alliance could do even more great deeds if they had the ability to take advantage of map GIS data, as well as satellite or drone images. Such a solution would simplify the identification and reporting of various features…

Location intelligence is the process of deriving meaningful insight from geo-spatial data to solve a business problem. These techniques become even more valuable when combined with ML for statistical analysis. In brief:

TLDR: I used geo-spatial data and Machine Learning to create a model of locations suitable for new branches of a prominent Swiss chain of supermarkets. You can see the results here and the code here


This project addresses a particular problem for retail stores, called Branch Network Optimization.

Matteo Jucker Riva

Environmental and data scientist

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